Saturday, September 20, 2014

Scrapping Blog tour.

Goodmorning and welcome to the weekend! Today i am off to spend some time with friends doing something i haven't done in 20 years....taking a class, before i am off giving a class this afternoon. But today you are here as part of the blog tour that bloggers and creative people all around the world are taking part in - just for fun.
The wonderful and ever so talented digi guru Brynn Marie nominated me...

I have know Brynn for a few years and all i can say is - if you are looking for anything digital she's you girl! she is so talented kind hearted and a sometimes life gets in the way and my kids crack me up kind of girl! kind with a huge spirit for creativity. so please visit her wonderful blog and support her by shopping her digital goodies - oh and did i mention she can rock a mean traditional scrapbook page as well! now that's talent! and so back to the blog tour and my questions i have to answer....
1. What am I working on right now .
several things, but mostly design wise - waiting for a box of new goodies to get me excited or not - who knows!then i am also working on my Project Life album and some inking goodness to submit to an international company.

 2. How long does it take to create a project .
it depends - sometimes i can cut a set of papers and throw a basic idea together in 30 minutes, then finish it off in about 3 hours, but other times when life is tough it can literally take days - ugh! I find that the quick oh why don't i try this idea is the stuff i love most - just messing around makes for my best work - always. wish i would learn from that....

3. What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment
ink, ink, stamps, and die....and as of last week my Silhouette Cameo

4. How does my writing/creating process work
i normally grab a bunch of stuff that i like - a total mush mash of things that work together but with a strange twist if it may not all go too well together - i like the element of surprise and putting things together that other people won't. then i start cutting and position everything before adhering anything down. once things are placed i leave it for a few hours walking past it every now and again tweaking as i see fit, and sometimes even totally changing the original idea. then usually it all falls into place and i can fiddle and add the finishing touches.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired .
i shop decor stores and magazines - mostly window shopping - the colours textures and the different perspective gives me ideas on what to try. design websites are my best - always learning new things about design, composition, balance, trends etc keeps me inspired. and the one person in the industry that always inspires me is Ali Edwards - her motto of being real and just having fun while being creative always inspires.

6. What is my signature style .
 difficult to say - clean and simple with a lot of inky bits and something odd thrown into the mix to balance things out. i hate working with a single range of papers - so at the end of the day i am not sure what my style is - i just do what i love!

and there you have it....
i nominate Cathy Sanders ....

have a super weekend filled with creativity!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Chiswick incorporated into my Project Life.

Hello and welcome - thank you for hanging around and to all the loyal followers and stalkers! I so appreciate the support and comments every now and again - and knowing that you sometimes visit my little creative corner - it does make it all worthwhile!
It's time for another Chiswick blog post and I had loads of fun incorporating their stickers, chipboard and cardstock into my PL layout for July.
For todays project I used my pink Chiswick cardstock and wanted to see how it would bleach out - yes with good old normal household bleach - and it worked even better than what i imagined. I dipped the pink cardstock into the bleach and it sucked up that bleach like it was a thirsty camel in the was quite amazing to see. On my heart I punched you can see how the bright pink bleached to a light cream - perfect for my colour scheme i was working with.
I also used some of my Chiswick inks and stamps to create the custom element for my layout - quick and easy and so versatile!
I used a piece that was totally bleached out to back the plastic word bar to make it stand out beautifully. Hard to believe that the pink bleaches to a soft cream colour.
I used the pink to cut this beautiful trellis and then backed it using a soft aqua colour cardstock.
For my embellishments I used some of the Chiswick range of stickers and chipboard elements. On this photo I added the sticker to overlap at the bottom, and then cut off the overlapping piece and added a staple to finish it off.

Die-Cut Stickers – Funky fun  st1002Textured C/Stock 216g 12″ x 12″ Dainty 2 10 Shts/Pck sb5345
Textured C/Stock 216g 12″ X 12″ Taffy 10 Shts/Pck sb5000
To view the products and to see more of the wonderful Chiswick products visit or contact your nearest craft store.

Free Silhouette Paint Splat images to cut for your layouts and projects.

It’s been a while since technology has made me really excited. In a world where computers and instant gratification has taken over one can so easily get lost in it all. But then every once in a while something magical comes around – like die-cutting machines and in specific The Silhouette CAMEO®.
Now bear in mind there are loads of brands available on the market but for now – this is the one that makes my skip a beat or two.
I am very sceptical when it comes to gadgets – simply because I know how quickly they can lose their magic in terms of everyday use. But I think this one may be a keeper… So while the iron is hot – I suggest you strike NOW! The appeal for me was the fact that I could draw or create my own images and cut them – something unique and different to everyone else. So here’s what I came up with.
 Colour outside the lines layout
I wanted to create fun paint splatters that I could cut with the Silhouette in different colours and sizes and now was the perfect opportunity. As a bonus we are offering you the paint splats as a free download image (right click on the splatter links and click “Save link as” or “Save target as” splatter 1 and splatter 2), and an easy introductory explanation of how I created my paint splats into images that can be cut to use on my layout.
What you need to know, is that an image can be cut with the Silhouette – but you need to first import them into your Library, from which you can then add them to the page, trace the image outline and then cut the images – in laymans terms and a quick explanation of what I did. So here goes…

Open the Silhouette Studio Software. Click onto the File tab in the top left hand corner and select Import, Import to Library – You can create different Libraries of where you keep your images i.e images that comes preloaded on the machine, your own designs, downloaded images, and then you can also categorize them into themes like animals, school, love etc. *At this time, I will also load the material into the machine. Make sure the Silhouette is turned on, press the enter button to load the cutting matt
Select the image you want to import into your Library to cut. This can be a PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP, and GIF image. Click OK and the images will load into your Library.
Now that the images is in your Library, double click the image to open it onto your page that represents the cutting matt and material that will be cut in the Silhouette
I added both the paint splat images onto my page at the same time. You can now size the images to the size you want to cut them. Remember to hold the Shift key in while resizing to resize the image proportionally.
 The next step is to trace the outline of the images so that the Silhouette can recognize the cut lines. Click on the object and then on Trace
 You need to select the trace area by drawing a block (selection) around the images
On the right hand side, select trace outlines. The images will get a red line around them. You can now click on the black images and delete them leaving the read outlines only
Click on the send to Silhouette icon(highlighted blue below). The red lines of the images will go slightly thicker. Click start on the right hand side to start the cutting process.
Remember to save your images – click File, then save to library so that you can use it in future again and again.
For my paint splats I used American Crafts Smooth cardstock.
This is a quick and easy Silhouette Studio tutorial visual on how to get started. Watch out for more tips and tricks on cutting and using your new Silhouette CAMEO® machine – it will truly change your life!
Click here to see all the Silhouette electronic cutting tools currently available in South Africa!
Happy Cutting!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Altered quiche pan using layered die-cuts.

Welcome to today's post with me Jowilna - I go through stages where i like to alter stuff i find around the home, at old markets and a lot of times it's stuff my mom drags from all over thinking i might be able to use it...ahh the life of a hoarder! So today I altered a quiche pan to create a little keepsake to stand on a small easel or on a shelf. I used a combination of scalloped circle dies and doily dies to create a base for my silhouette cut out.
I used a combination of paper scraps, book paper, diamante, flowers and other bits and pieces.For the little flag pole I used a colored straw with some washi tape as the flag, bakers twine and gorgeous flowers to add a nice soft touch.
The "love you" is a digi printable printed onto white American Crafts cardstock.
Love those flowers adding to the softness of the scalloped die-cuts.

Around the outside edge i used Couture Creations colored diamonds to create a border alternating small and medium.
Here you can see the different scalloped edges and the quiche pan edge clearly.
Step 1 - cut a large and small scalloped edged circle out of patterned papers. Ink the edges.
Step 2 - cut a Ornamental Lace die from The Treasures range [CO723314] and ink the edges.
Step 3 - Start layering the circles and doily on top of each other and adhere together.
Step 4 - layer your plain punched circle in between the die-cut circles. You can raise some of the layers using your foam tape for dimension.
Step 5 - complete your layer - adhere the layered circles inside the quiche pan using Couture Creations foam tape. Add the die-cut silhouette [CO723720] - i inked the silhouette and then added a layer of dimensional glaze.
Step 6 - The diamante is easily positioned and adjusted using the tip of your Couture Creations Craft knife.
TIP: I like how the sharp tip of this knife blade can slide under the diamante and then be placed onto your project or re-positioned so easily.

 I hope you feel inspired to grab something a little off-beat and turn it into a beautiful something crafty using your Couture Creations dies and basic tools.
Above is a list and direct links to all the wonderful products - or visit the website for more info - and don't forget about all the wonderful inspiration on the blog.
until next time - happy cutting.... Jowilna